Time Server NTP

GrandMaster PTP IEEE1588

 ePRTC, cnPRTC, PRTC-A (B*), Telecom profiles: ITU-I G.8265.1/G.8275.1/G.8275.2, SyncE

PTP Power profile IEEEC37.238 v1/v2, IEC 61850-9-3. HA*,  White Rabbit*, SNTP, Chrony

Product Line 1 (Professional DATACOM)

Highlights: 2-10x LAN * Performance * Accuracy * Safe-Time * Cyber-security * PHY hw time-stamping * ePRTC * cnRTC * PRTC-A (B) * IRIG/PPS/10MHz * Redundant AC/DC * Redundant GNSS smart-antenna * Anti-jamming/spoofing (option)

Markets:  IT/IoT/Clouds * DATACOM * large network infrastructures: 5G Telecom, Smart Grids, MiFID II Financial Market, Enterprises …

Product Line 2 (Industrial PICO-3)

Note: Each of LINE2 device basis on NTS-pico3 STD. Some products use multiple PICO-3 inside. You can assemble own 1U server using 1-6x PICO.

Highlights: 1x  LAN * Low price * Ultra miniature * DIN-rail * Antenna integrated * Desktop * Rack19 *  PHY hw time-stamping * PPS-out

Markets:  IIoT/Industry 4.0 automation * M2M market, autonomous vehicles * low-cost smart-grids * telecom nano-cells BTS …

Synchronization Software

Note: Since July 2019 the SCADA management (single device license) is included to NTS-3000, NTS-4000, NTS-5000, NTS-9000 and NTS-pico3

Product Comparision

Time Server modelHoldover #LAN (max) IRIG-B 1PPS
NTS-5000 LITEOCXO210yesin/out

Synchronization Protocols

Server NTS-xxxx30004000 5000 Pico3
PTP v2 (IEEE 1588)LAN1-2: soft LAN1-2: soft
LAN1-2: soft
LAN3-10: PHY
NTP v4 rfc5905-09softsoftsoftsoft
IRIG-B AMnot supportedBNC 50OhmBNC 50Ohmnot supported
IRIG-B DCLSnot supportedD-SUB9EXPANDER-4,5not supported