ELPROMA is the world leader in NTP PTP/IEEE1588 IRIG-B Network Time Synchronization, designed to keep clock highly stable and UTC accurate. The company provides ROBUST TIME to critical infrastructures of Industry 4.0 including: Smart Grids, Telecom 5G, MiFID-II Financial Market, Autonomous Vehicles, Government and Enterprise IT Data Centres. All ELPROMA Time Servers are 100% Made in EU ensuring world leading cyber-security.


Financial Market

Ensures MiFID II effective solution for Stock Exchange and Bank financial services

Power Distribution

Ensures PMU syncing IEEE C37.238 PowerProfile, IEC 61850 Power Utility Profile

Telecom Lte+/5G

Ensures frequency syncing ITU-I G82751.2, G8265.1 phase ITU-I G82751.1

Industry 4.0

Ensures robust time domain operations for IIoT process Control & Management

Public e-Administration

Ensures originality, integrity, non-repudiation of events, documents & archives

Traffic Control

Ensures stable time domain operations critical for Air, road & Railway traffic control

Smart City & AI

Ensures syncing of CCTV & IP sensors for Big Data, Machine Learning & AI


Is the world leader in NTP PTP/IEEE1588 IRIG-B network time synchronization solutions, designed to keep computer clock highly stable and accurate. The company provides ROBUST TIME to critical infrastructures: energetics, telecom,  financial, industry, government, enterprises  globally.

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