Important note! The current situation created by the coronavirus affects all people worldwide. All companies are affected and they are forced to adapt to the situation in order to protect their employees and to maintain ongoing operations. All Elproma production is located in Poland and we are operating near normally. Of course for security reasons, some of Elproma teams has been acknowledged to stay home and operate remotely. The minimum staff is daily operating from Elproma office to ensure shipments go to our customers in time. We apologize for any related inconvenience.

In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionized by new Industry 4.0 ideas, ELPROMA helps its customers to guarantee long-term IT/IoT/IIoT reliability of existing solutions by providing robust synchronization. The ELPROMA (since 1992) the world leader in NTP PTP/IEEE1588 Time Servers, designed to keep slave clocks highly stable and accurate. All servers are 100% Made in EU ensuring top cyber-security.


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