Telecom ITU-T G.826x/ ITU-T G.827x infrastructure specification for PTP/IEEE1588 Ethernet synchro-nization of Lte/5G ensure BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and a core TELECOM keep accuracy of UTC phase synchronization to be better than a single microsecond.

The stability of frequency is even more important and requiring synchronization too. Trusted date & time (timestamps) is important mechanizm for e-billing and telecom network management system enabling new future 5G functionalities.

recommended products

NTS-5000 Rubidium & OCXO

NTS-5000 LITE (OCXO only)

recommended configuration

Please consider to use min. 1 – best if 2 redundantly operating time servers per single Data Center. Server can be configured on way of giving a ref. time to each other. Servers can be equipped with redundant powersupplys.


A very good idea is to use 2 redundant GNSS receivers. Two antenna-receivers helps prevent GPS jamming and spoofing. They can be installed on location 700 meters from time server each.

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ITU-T G.8275.1 compliant