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We strive to present our activities to the widest possible audience. With our lectures we travel almost all over the world. We were already on ION/PTTI  in the United States, DG-Energy Brussels, MiFID-2 conferences in London and many more.  Thanks to that we are aware that more and more people know about synchronisation challenge and related cyber-security risks. For many years Tomasz Widomski is successfully telling about how important is synchronization in modern IoT/IIoT. But he is not the only one. There are two other key Elproma people (Janusz Uzycki and Kris Borgulski – both co-owners and shareholders of Elproma). They have  put a lot of effort to improve synchronisation available free of charge at Linux distributions. You can see their volunteer contribution to world community by clickin this link

List of Public Seminaries

22.11.2019GUM Główny Urząd Miar RP
Projekty: DEMETRA, TAKT, SafeTime - wdrożenie, "Polska synchronizuje czas energetyki Smart Grid w Azji"T.Widomski
15.11.2018Orange LabsDEMETRA, TAKT, SafeTime
ELPROMA "Atak na dystrybucję czasu poprzez opóźnienie sieciowe -Wybrane aspekty konsumpcji czasu przez software komputerów klienckich"
28.06.2018Warsaw Pure ConferencesQuantum Cryptography & Robust Synchronization
(frequency domain operation)
25.04.2018IDC SecurityQuantum Cryptography & Robust Synchronization
(frequency domain operation)
21.11.2017SIWE'17Faults of Synchronization Based on GNSS Receivers and Ethernet NTP/PTP NetworkT.Widomski
13.07.2017EFTF-IFCS'17 FranceThe H2020 European Project DEMETRA: Experimental Time Services based on European GNSS SignalsP.Tavella (INRIM)
22.06.2017PARIS AIR SHOW SALON DU BOURGET 2017Séminaire temps et systèmes de navigation par satellite. Robust Synchronization & Safe Time Cloud ProjectT.Widomski (ELPROMA) V.Catalano (GSA)
26.04.2017AGH Katowice PolandBezpieczna i pewna synchronizacja czasu w ważnej infrastrukturze państwowej w oparciu o efekty projektów DEMETRA. TAKT i SAFE TIME (Robust Synchronization)T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
20.04.2017DG CONNECT Brusell/BERobust Synchronization at QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) - securing Public InternetT.Widomski (ELPROMA) V.Catalano (GSA) Parizia Tavella (INTRIM)
28.02.2017MiFID II London/UKRobust Synchronization at Stock Exchange & Financial MarketT.Widomski (ELPROMA)
06.02.2017DG ENERGY Brusell/BERobust Time At Power Grids & Power DistributionT.Widomski (ELPROMA)
01.02.2017PTTI 2017 CA/USADEMETRA "DEMonstrator of EGNSS services based on Time Reference Architecture”P.Defragne (ROB)
14.12.2016GUM Warsaw/PLTSI#2 DEMETRA "INRIM-NPL-GUM inter-laboratory testing results"T.Widomski K.Gliwka (ELPROMA)
28.01.2016PTTI 2016 CA/USADEMETRA “DEMonstrator of EGNSS services based on Time Reference Architecture”P.Tavella (INRIM)
28.01.2016PTTI 2016 CA/USATrusted Time Dsitribution With Auditing & Verification Facilities (DEMETRA TSI#2)T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
04.11.2015TA(PL) Conference #33DEMETRA “DEMonstrator of EGNSS services based on Time Reference Architecture”T.Widomski (ELPROMA)
15.05.2013Quantum Metrology 2013 IV ConferenceOptical Fiber Time & Frequency Transfer in Poland - State of Art" - posterPh.D Albin Czubla Polish Office of Measures (GUM)
21.05.2012AGH Katowice PolandWhite Rabbit - Subnanosecond Ethernet Synchronization" & "Clesydra System" - RaportG.Daniluk (ELPROMA) K.Borgulski (ELPROMA)