CESIUM Time Server

Elproma uses world leading manufactures of Cs beams, linking them on unique way to own made NTP/PTP time servers using both: PPS and ToD(rs232). As a result, Elproma delivers to market, a ready to use single cesium time server hybrid system – a well world know as NTS-9000. This system is available on request only.

The history of Elproma NTS-9000 cesium time server begins early 2000. The very first prove of concept cesium driven time server (model NTS-3000) was built for Royal Observatory of Brussel ROB and it was presented during PTTI 2004. Several other National Institute of Metrology (NMI) have purchased Elproma solution later on. They has put great effort in calibration, measurement and testing for long than decade. The real development challenge was to synchronize both frequency (PPS) and UTC phase (ToD) from atomic clocks directly using single rs232 interface – the one exclusively dedicated for cesium beam PC monitoring facility (see details on YouTube). Following NMI laboratories are partial reference of using Elproma time servers directly with 5071A cesium atomic clock (click to read PDF references from): EURAMET, VSL, SIQ, NPL, INRIM, GUM. The ready to use NTS-9000 cesium hybrid solution is available since 2005.

Trusted Time Node with NTS-9000 Cesium

“Clepsydra” Trusted Time Node with NTS-9000

NTS servers at GUM in Poland

London Time Laboratory at NPL London


NTS servers at VSL (NL)

Testing at CBK Borowiec (PL)