Rack 19″ (2U)

Time Server

NTS-5000 Rb


Hardware Timestamps

NTP,  PTPv2/IEEE1588  ITU-I G.8265.1/G.8275.1/G.8275.2, SyncE*, White Rabbit*, HA*, IEEEC37.238, IEC 61850-9-3

NTS-5000 (dual oscillator Rb & OCXO) and NTS-5000LITE (OCXO only) delivers time directly to networks using NTP, PTP/IEEE1588, IRIG protocols. Std. configuration is equipped with 2 LAN 10/100Mbps. Number of LAN interfaces can be extended up to 10x LAN by adding/removing  Extender Cards 1-4 – each equipped with independent 2x 1GE LAN (SFP, RJ45). Each Extender Card is IEEE1588 GRANDMASTER and it has own CPU, private OS, IP-stack and private PTP stack – supporting nanosecond accuracy and hardware time stamping. Cards are 100% information isolated (no TCP/IP communication) from each other ensuring top cyber-security.

Server is equipped with 2 separated and independent GNSS inputs (RJ45). They can support redundant NTS-antenna – each with built-in own GNSS receivers.  The holdover RUBIDIUM (NTS-5000) or OCXO (NTS-5000LITE) oscillator guarantees time for long period of missing satellite signals.

NTS-5000 STD

Default std. (min. configuration)

2x LAN, 2x IRIG, 1x PPS, 10MHz

NTS-5000 custom

Extended configuration
Expander #1 PTP (LAN3-LAN4)


Max. Network Configuration w/ GE

Extender #1-#4 (LAN3-LAN10)

NTS-5000 custom

Smart Grid max. configuration

 Extender #1-#2 LAN (LAN3-LAN6)

Ext#3: 4xALARM, Ext#4: 4xIRIG(rs422)

Ext#5: 2x IRIG (FO), 2x IRIG (TTL)

Technical Specification

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