Time Server NTP/PTP

Rack 19″ (1U)


NTP,  PTP/IEEE1588,  IRIG-B, 1PPS, 10MHz

10GbE*/100/10Mbps LAN1-LAN2

1GbE* w/ HW-stamping LAN3-4


NTS-4000 is a PRTC-A GrandMaster PTP/IEEE1588 and NTP Time Server. Built-in HQ OCXO  oscillator guarantees precision time for period of missing GNSS satellite signals. Max. configuration includes 4x  LAN interfaces. Std configuration includes 2x 100Mbps LAN1-2. The LAN2 can be upgraded to 10GbE* supporting software time-stamping. Optional EXPANDER* network card supports LAN3-LAN4  1GbE  with FPGA hardware timestamping. NTS-4000 supports 2x redundant GNSS receivers (RJ45 inputs ANT1 & ANT2) and redundant 2x  power supplies. The sync I/O are: 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG-B, ToD(RS232)

NTS-4000 back

Technical Specification