Signal Distribution

Time & Frequency Distribution
TFD-100 series

Modular Time & Frequency Distribution/Generating Unit

The TFD-100 series is a 1U, rack 19″ mount, modular time and frequency distribution unit. It provides the precise distribution of any frequency from 1PPS up to 10MHz include most popular standards: 1PPS (TTL), IRIG-DCLS (TTL), 10MHz (TTL and Sine).

You can order the following base modules that differ in power supply:

  1. TFD-101 – single 85-265VAC/100-370VDC power supply
  2. TFD-102 – dual, redundant 85-265VAC/100-370VDC power supplies
  3. TFD-110 – single 48VDC (36-75VDC) power supply
  4. TFD-120 – dual, redundant 48VDC (36-75VDC) power supplies
  5. TFD-111 – dual, redundant 85-265VAC/100-370VDC and 48VDC (36-75VDC) power supplies

Available distributor modules:

  1. TFM-1218 – high precision 1/8 digital distribution module (TTL @50Ω) for 1PPS, IRIG-DCLS, 10MHz. 1x input, 8x output.  Sockets: BNC (TFM-1218BNC) or SMA (TFM1218SMA). See flyer
  2. TFM-1228 – 1/8 analog 10MHz sinus (8dBm @ 50Ω) distribution module. 1x input, 8x output. Sockets: BNC (TFM-1228BNC) or SMA (TFM1228SMA)

Key features:

  • 1PPS signal (TTL) distribution
  • 10MHz (TTL/Sine) distribution
  • IRIG-DCLS (TTL) distribution
  • BNC or SMA sockets
  • Redundant power supply 230VAC or/and 48VDC

Technical Specification


TFD-100  – Modular Time & Frequency distribution unit


1PPS (TTL), 10 MHz (Sin), 10MHz (TTL), IRIG-DCLS (TTL)


1PPS (TTL), 10 MHz (Sin), 10MHz (TTL), IRIG-DCLS (TTL)


0 up to 10 MHz *

Input/Output impedance

50 Ω

Input/output connectors


Ambient temperature

0°C to 50°C


0-95% non-condensed

Power supply

Single or redundant, 85…264V AC, 100…370V DC or 48VDC (36 to75VDC)


483 mm (W) x 45mm (H) x 330 mm (B) – 19 inch rack mount


3 – 3.5 kg (depends on number of modules)


IEC61010-1:2010, IEC61850

Technical support

Elproma offers free lifetime technical support via email or phone.


Three-Year Warranty


EN61326-1 (2006) EMC
• Requirements for Measurement Control
and Laboratory Equipment, Class A
• EN61000-3-2 (2006) +A1+A2 Harmonic
Current Emissions
• EN61000-3-3 (2008) Voltage Fluctuation
and Flicker Emissions

*) depends on type of module