SYNC-NMS Monitoring & Audit (SCADA)

SCADA Monitoring

Synchronization Time Audit System (STAS)

for monitoring NTS-5000, NTS-4000, NTS-3000 TimeServers

STAS – the Synchronization Time Audit System is SCADA class monitoring management system with built-in time audit facility. System is scalable, and it can operate on virtual machine (VM) or can run on real physical server computer. This system can simultaneously maintain thousands of devices just using as small as 2x displays only.  Originally STAS has been developed for TELEORGIN Elproma division to support huge population of 100,000 remote IP-devices operating globally worldwide. The minimum hardware requirement for VM deployment is: CPU 8x core, RAM 64GB, HD 4TB (SSD RAID5 or SAS 10K). The software basis on Linux Ubuntu Server (x64) v18.04. The demo page LINK.