Surge Arrester & Overvoltage Protection


Antenna Protection

The NTS-antenna is likely to be exposed to lightning strikes. The lighting protection NTS-protect is set of 1 -3 surge arrester(s) mounted to protect and to isolate your NTS server from antenna upon bad weather conditions. The NTS-protect has been designed so to be in compliance with regulation  No.75  Journal of  Laws, June 15, 2002, items 180, 183,  providing that wiring systems should secure against switching  overvoltage and lightning surge, and that voltage limiters shall apply thereto. There are 3 configurations:
 1) NTS-protect-1 (std) – the single arrester
 2) NTS-protect-2 (mid) – the double arresters
 3) NTS-protect-3 (max)- the triple arresters
 For more information and configuration please refer to PDF brochure (link).