NTP Windows Download

NTP for Win 32/64

Supports: Windows 10/8/7   Server 2019/2016/2012



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Windows allows you by defaults to synchronise your PC-clock to only one NTP server. It also has serious limitations because it supports SNTP client, not NTP.  Elproma NTP for Windows is 100% reference RFC5605 (rfc1305) compiled from C code at www.ntp.org.  Now, you can use our FREE full NTP improving the robustness of Windows synchronisation.

NTP clientyesyes
NTP serveryesno
NTPRFC5905,RFC1305, RFC5906 , RFC5907,RFC5908,RFC5909no RFC
SNTPRFC4330 ,RFC2030 , RFC1769 RFC2030 only
UTC ref. Clockmultiple remote NTP servers simultaneouslyonly one at time remote NTP server
ref. time redundancy yes (multilevel)no (nothing)
PC clock adjustingslew down & step adjustingonly step adjusting
Falseticker detectionyesno
Stratum 0-15 levelyesno
MD5 Authenticationyesno
Sync accuracy better than100 microseconds100 milliseconds
Leap second supportyesno
Google Leap Smear Secondyesno
1PPS supportyesno
ntpq/ntpdc supportyesno