NTP for Windows 32/64

100% reference NTP implementation RFC5905, RFC5906, RFC5908, RFC5909 for Microsoft Workstation 10/8/7, Server 2019/2016/2012/2008

Microsoft  Windows allows you by defaults to synchronise your PC-clock to NTS servers. However, a standard built-in client is SNTP only and it has serious limitations compering to reference implementation published at NTP project site

Elproma has prepared a  full functional NTP for Windows.  It basis on C-code compilation of NTP v4.2.8 (rfc5905, rfc5906, rfc5907, rfc5908, rfc5909 and rfc 4330). It supports both NTP Software Server and Client operating stratum 0-15. This software effects  accuracy x1000 better than std. Windows client. See comparison list for more details:

 NTP 4.2.8Built-in Windows
NETWORK TIME PROTOCOL (NTP)RFC5905,RFC1305, RFC5906 , RFC5907,RFC5908,RFC5909RFC is not compliant
REFERENCE TIMEmultiple time sourcesonly 1 source
CLOCK ADJUSTstep & slew downstep only
Step CLOCK adjustyesyes
Client supportyesno
NTP Server supportyesno
Falseticker detectionyesno
Ref. TIME redundancyyes (10 levels)no
Stratum 0-15 levelyesno
MD5 Authenticationyesno
Sync accuracy better than100 us100 ms
Leap second supportyesno
Google Leap Smearyesno
Remote TIME monitoringyesno
Clock Freq. adjustingyesno
1PPS supportyesno
ntpq/ntpdc supportyesno