Synchronization of Data Centers

Synchronizing Data Centers need accuracy of microsecond to let clusters operating Time Domain. Especially, the synchronization is essential for VM computing and Supercomputers. Chronology of LOG events is important for investigating error logic. Time & date is essential for automatic backups and archives management. At least once per decade each Date Center is experiencing serious crash because of missing or poor synchronization.

What are the risks ? Weak synchronization keeps risk of SQL database transactions to not be completed and therefore rollback is more frequent. When unstable, it seriously reduces performance of IT system and it’s communication. It volatile cybersecurity making investigation not possible when chronology disappears (e.g. effect is before it’s course inside LOG report). Finally VM and server clusters can hang triggering OS kernel panic if synchronization not ensured.

Network Time Synchronization with Elproma

improving robustness of networking

prevents week server clustering