casino egm

Casino EGM is an example of devices where synchronization requires each internal module including: computer responsible for the game scenario, support for rhythm and dynamics of the background music, colors and intensity of lighting, payment system and withdrawals that require cryptograpic time stamping to prevent forgery. EGM machines work together and exchange informations that affects the player, and which remains at the next EGM. CCTV and numerous installed inteligent sensors constantly monitor the work of the casino to prevent frauds.

 recommended products

NTS-5000 LITE 
(OCXO, w/o Rubidium)



NTP -pico

 recommended configuration

Please consider to use min. 1 – best if 2 redundantly operating time servers per single Data Center. Server can be configured on way of giving a ref. time to each other. Servers can be equipped with redundant powersupplys.

A very good idea is to use 2 redundant GNSS receivers. Two antenna-receivers helps prevent GPS jamming and spoofing. They can be installed on location 700 meters from time server each.

network timing

from cryptosystems to gaming
RND generations, CCTV timestamping