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In a world where the technological landscape is being revolutionized by modern IoT and new quantum computing, ELPROMA helps its customers to guarantee long-term stability and reliability of existing solutions through its time & frequency synchronization. Weak synchronization does not block IT solutions, but it is simply limiting it’s performance that is not easy to observe or measure. There are also cases where synchronization is responsible for system failures that cost billions. Below presentation includes  partial list of organizations which use ELPROMA products and services:


  Elproma Poland was funded in 1992 by C&K Europe BV (NL) gradually evolving 1994 to own R&D facility specialized in Time & Frequency. Elproma The Netherlands has acquisited Elproma Poland creating new European holding at the same name. In 2004 a new brand TELEORIGIN is established. In 2012 two managers Tomasz Widomski & Robert Bender have successfully finished MBO acquisition of Elproma.


Elproma is 100% polish capital owned by group of 7 polish private investors. Company turnovers was: 2018: 6mln USD; 2017: 5mln USD. Company emloyes 40 people, including 10 high skilled engineers. Time Server production is basing on qualified subcontractor system. A company is ISO 9001 and IQnet certified. All products are made in Poland (EU) ensuring best quality at low fares. Today ELPROMA assets includes other brands incl. TELEORIGIN and VENDOMETRIC.


Elproma company has received several international awards in recognition for its achievements and pioneering spirit. It has also realized several EU premieres, including the world’s first ever deployment of legal trusted time network transfer (2015-2016 DEMETRA H2020 Project). Company was co-developer of CERN White Rabbit protocol (2009-2012), currently standardized in 2018 to be High Accuracy IEEE1588 profile. Elproma servers are metrology calibrated at NMI to caesium clocks. Company supports NMI in UK, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, New Zealand.

Success Story

Elproma’s great achievement is co-created by thousands of sold time server units working all over the world 24/7, as well as very large global synchronization systems custom designed for banks, stock exchange, air traffic controls, smart-grids and power plants, telecom, smart city  management systems. Elproma is DEMETRA Horizon 2020 member and developed very first in the world “trusted time distribution system with auditing and verification facilities” system. In 2019, Elproma has delivered over 350pcs of high-end rubidium time servers to world biggest smart-grid system in Asia.

Our Team

Krzysztof Borgulski

Krzysztof Borgulski (CTO)

Board of Directors

NTP PTP/IEEE1588 Expert

Tomasz Widomski

Tomasz Widomski (CINO, CMO)

Member of Supervisory Board

Product & Business Development

Michal Grzywacz

Sales Director

Business Development

Janusz Uzycki

Janusz Uzycki


NTP PTP/IEEE1588 Expert

Piotr Olbrysz

Piotr Olbrysz

Hardware Developer



PhD Jerzy K. Kowalski

Chief of Professional Systems Department

Malgorzata Polak

Malgorzata Polak

Marketing Director

Int. Business Development

Monika Caban

Monika Caban

Logistic Director

Int. Business Development

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