IT/IoT Data Centers Time Domain Synchronisation NTP PTP

Data center clusters needs accuracy of microsecond operating in Time Domain and system virtualization. Chronology of LOG events is important for investigating error logic. Time & date is essential for automatic night backups requiring accuracy of milisseconds. Weak synchronization of clusters keep risk of data base transactions to be not completed in time and volatiling full system backup. Frequently synchronization problems volatile  Data Center cyber-security too.

Network Time Server NTP PTP IEEE1588 NTS-3000 ELPROMA

Recommended products

  1.     NTS-5000 Rubidium & OCXO
  2.     NTS-5000 LITE (OCXO only)
  3.     NTS-4000 GNSS OCXO
  4.     NTS-3000 GNSS

Recommended configuration Please consider to use min. 1 - best if 2 redundantly operating time servers per single Data Center. Server can be configured on way of giving a ref. time to each other. Servers can be equipped with redundant powersupplys.

A very good idea is to use 2 redundant GNSS receivers. Two antenna-receivers helps prevent GPS jamming and spoofing. They can be installed on location 700 meters from time server each.

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